DOTNET getting .net 3.5 to work on 2k

originally this was posted on hower that has since shut down, so i shall republish it here. for your convienence. someone posted a link to a solution for “is not a valid win32 application” but at the time i had been busy and didnt follow it up. “proof” images not yet available, system not online now (bios).

hello all,
this information can help compatibility dramatically. i recently found information on this at … 00-test-1/
He suggests to copy files from a computer with .net on it already and copy files over as the 2000 computer demands it.
i thought why not copy all the files from the setup, so i got the 231Mbyte .net3.5 sp1 download (besides the ones he said to get). and put my progress in his blog (filling it!)

i have already Rollup1 (may be useful here)
i installed .net 2 sp1 from the independant installation file
i extracted all the files from the .net 3.5 sp1 into a directory using IZarc

there are five subfolders, dotnetFX20 , dotnetFX30, dotnetFX35, dotnetMSP and tools

ideally after running the 3.5 update and it sits on the error-windows 2000, we need a program to actually install all the files while it has them extracted!

i did the 3.0 folder, i moved all the files containing 64 so i dont install the 64bit ones, if you have a 64 computer there are files that have nothing and 32 and 64, i am not sure if you need the nothing ones, do them first then the 64′s. i installed all the remaining ones, nothing and 32, first the MSI files and then the MSP and i got no error except with WPF_Other_32.msp where it says i need sufficient privileges to install system services (so i skipped it – perhaps you know how to do it). now interestingly i do see “Microsoft .Net Framework 3.0 Service Pack 2? in my add/remove programs…… i then ran the exe files in the 30 folder for good measure, the WIC file worked and the other XPSEPSC wanted XP (about something called xpsdriver, KB954550).

the MSP folder contains files that relate to cumulative updates for 2.0 (which you have probably have already in sp1) and 3.0 ( KB948610 ) i cannot make sense of the CAB files inside so forget it, plus i checked the individual KB items for 3.0 cumulative on the MS site and they were made before service pack 2. so no need to chase up on this cumulative update thing…

for DOTNET 3.5, i extracted Netfx35_x86.exe which got me vs_setup.msi which wants to be launched by “setup.exe” so i run Orca.

in orca i found under the CustomAction table an Action called CA_BlockDirectInstall_MSI .. .. .. so i cut it out then saved the file. and it works.

now i have .NET framework 3.5 SP1 and its Hotfix in add/Remove.

my search lead me to this site because of an error in Paint.NET (my .NET test program) but im not sure about using a wrapper yet.

the .net 4.0 setup error is “is not a valid win32 application” along with the setup inside it. although i suspect a wrapper may be needed, it would need to be permanent and i dont think anyone here wants to make anything that is permanent (they first have got to combine the functions of OCW and KDW to make a more complete one). if i remove the wrapper after installing 4 my system may not work (that is if the wrapper even works – if it dont then thats more improvement work for you guys.). i used a program called PEtools and it only fixed the setup inside so now it says “…EnumerateTraceGuids could not be located in … ADVAPI32.dll”

so now i have .NET and nothing to use with it…. this maybe useful for other people out there…

a final note, in future posts, everyone write “DOTNET” as i cannot search for .net as it only has three letters.

a utility that .net 3.5 installs is “windows CardSpace” in control panel, it wont run: RUNDLL: Error loading C:\WINNT\System32\infocardcpl.cpl The specified procedure could not be found. finding infocard.exe in the WINNT\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.0\W..C..F..\ folder and running it gives me the error “the procedure entry point I_RpcBindingInqLocalClientPID could not be located in the dynamic link library RPCRT4.dll

here is a summary of text replys

(justjohnny)Nice work mate. By the way you can use a free program called Dependency Walker to check to see if .Net is missing any functions that would normally be in WinXP but are missing in Win2K and as such would require the use of a wrapper. You can post logs here in the forums and the other forum users can analyse it for you. There are guides on how to use Dependency Walker. If you get stuck or need any help just post your questions.

(oldboy2k) .net 3.5 solution .here.  , “not valid 32bit application” solution: you can use PE Tools and change the EXE PE Header MinorSubSystem 0001 to 0000 to get stuff working on Win2k.


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